Commercial Roofing Houston

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    Roofing Contractors

    Are you living in Houston TX? Are you experiencing roofing problems with your residential property or business real estate? There are many commercial roofing Houston contractors. It is not easy to learn which roofing contractor offers the best service and has the necessary skill set for your project. Regardless if you are repairing or replacing a roof on your home or office building, there are some things to look for when choosing a roofing contractor

    Check with the Better Business Bureau

    A dependable, established roofing contractor will most likely have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is an excellent resource for home and office owners searching for a commercial roofing contractor or another construction service. If the commercial roofing contractor you review has an excellent rating with all the BBB, chances are they already have proven their professionalism, reliability, and dedication to customer service. On the other hand, negative ratings should be a red flag.

    Experience Says All of it

    How experienced is the roofing contractor? It never hurts to question how many years they have been in the business. Some professionals begin their work with another company before starting their very own roofing business. Prior employment can be good experience and demonstrates the professional has actually worked as a roofer. A brand new roofing contractor may offer excellent service but is a higher risk due to their lack of experience and background. Experience ought to be considered carefully before hiring a roofing company for your house or office.

    Liability and Workmans Comprehensive Insurance

    Determine if the roofing contractor you are looking at is adequately insured. Liability Insurance is an indication of responsibility. A genuine professional who loves their business won’t take the risk of losing it all due to some accident. You need to see proof of insurance, not just a loose statement. It is an essential step that can protect you in case there is damage to your property, or an accident injures someone. Being thorough is the best test strategy for finding a reliable, skilled roofing contractor for your future business improvement project.



    Austins Most Trusted

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    Water Damage Restoration Austin TX

    ATEX Water Damage Restoration uses state of the art drying techniques to provide the most efficient Austin water damage restoration service possible. Our Technicians have been through training courses sponsored by the nation’s premier industry organizations to be professionally trained and certified by the nation’s leading authorities in water damage restoration.

    About ATEX Water Damage Restoration:

    24-hour service, 365 days a year professional assessment of restoration needs and the classification of water damage. We keep our customer informed, and address any and all questions and concerns. We monitor progress and equipment at least once per day. We document and guarantee our dry out process (if the operation is uninterrupted). We can provide content storage in rebuild situations.

    What Can We Dry?Drying Process3X

      • Floors
      • Carpet
      • Tile
      • Wood
      • Vinyl / linoleum
      • Walls
      • Sheetrock
      • Paneling
      • Wood
      • Framework
      • Crawl spaces
      • Attics
      • Insulation
      • Ceilings
      • Basements
      • Contents
      • Upholstered or wood furniture
      • Drapes and bedding
      • Wall hangings
      • Fixtures
      • Specialties
      • Wood Floor Drying
      • Crawl Spaces


    Why Should You Take Immediate Action When Dealing With Water Damage?

    Water is a powerful solvent that can dissolve or deteriorate almost any substance. Water is not stationary; it will migrate up walls or across floors and cause further damage before it dries. Mold or fungi can begin growing within three days in a moist environment. Even a small flood or water leak can take weeks to completely dry without the speed of dehumidification and air movement system. The longer water saturates sheetrock or particle board, the more likely it is to rot. The longer water saturates hardwood, the more likely it is to warp permanently. Watermarks are more likely to remain on some materials like sheetrock, cotton, and other natural fibers, and some synthetic cloth the longer the drying process takes. Bottom line, water is a powerful element that can cause a great deal of damage in a short amount of time to a home or office and its contents.…